Thursday, March 5, 2015

I am back!


I read all my entries in this space all over again. One of the things I noticed was I keep on hibernating and returning back. It happened for several times. Now I am wondering what happened in between that I missed writing and updating this blog. Maybe so many things happened and I lost time to update this. Or I lost the interest to update. Or I lost the interest to share what happened to me. 

So many reasons, and I do not want to dig into that. What is more important is I keep on returning back. I move on. This time, I am looking forward. And I hope to stick around... longer this time. 

Happy New Year
Happy Three Kings
Happy Chinese New Year
Happy Grammar Day!  

Thursday, January 30, 2014

[52-Week DIY Project] Week 4: Arm candies

For several years I have accumulated several strings of ceramic beads, wooden beads, and semi-precious stones in different colors and sizes. I also purchased some strings, charms, fillers, connectors, and the likes. Not to miss are the pliers I also bought. Why did I have to? Well, most of the bracelets I saw sold online do not fit my wrist. (One of the problems if you are on the heavy side. I have big bones, right?) 

So I always got bead shops in Quiapo to get some supplies when my time ad budget permitted me to do so.  Since then I make my own bracelets and dangling earrings. 
Some of the supplies I have in my case

With this I can customize what I want in a bracelet for a certain period. I can easily re-assemble mix and match each strand. So I went back to the table again to make few bracelets. Actually, I thought of making bracelets as a gift to a little girl celebrating her 7th birthday. And I was inspired to make for her aunt and for myself too. 

reassembled arm candies for me!

gift for the birthday girl's aunt who is a very good friend

a pair of arm candies for the birthday girl

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Penne Arrabbiata Ala Big Lady

I saw it in one cooking show and since then I look forward to preparing my version of Penne Arrabbiata. 
According to Wikipedia, "arrabbiata sauce is a spicy sauce for pasta made from garlic, tomatoes, and red chili peppers in olive oil." 
Using ordinary vegetable oil, I sauted slices of red onions and minced garlic then I added slices of red and green peppers. I added slices of 500grams of cheese dogs and ham. I let it simmer for a few minutes. I added slices of red tomatoes. I let it simmer. I added a half cup of water and dash of dried chili flakes, ground pepper, and salt to taste. Then I let it simmer to thicken the sauce. Lastly I added the cooked penne pasta and mixed it to distribute the sauce evenly. 

The result? Yummy! I spent less on this recipe too.